Enviroform Briefing Northern Ireland Landlords’ Association

Enviroform presentation to LANI
Enviroform Solutions’ Liam Brown presents to Northern Ireland Landlords’ Association (LANI)

Insulation Solution to Typical Rental Property Damp Problem 

Earlier this week, Liam Brown had the opportunity to present the Enviroform Solutions reveal kit to members of the Landlords Association of Northern Ireland (LANI). The Enviroform Solutions Reveal Kit provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution to the problem caused by cold bridging around reveals around doors and windows.

Liam explained, “Often properties that are rented may be older type housing and, depending on the way that they have been built and maintained since they were built, there can be issues around damp particularly around reveals. And in many cases when contractors are installing insulation they may have tended to leave reveals out of the equation. The consequences that you often see are damp, condensation, mould and structural damage around windows and doors.

Liam added, “We have developed our DIY reveal kit to provide property owners with a low maintenance solution that addresses the issue of insulation in these tricky spaces.

Easy to Install Reveal Kit

Liam was able to explain to LANI Members that the Enviroform solutions reveal kit is easy and quick to install. The feedback from joiners that have used the kit has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The evidence is that the kit reduces heat loss through reveals and consequently reduces the risk of mould. The result is a finished hygienic design with no further redecorating is required.

Liam said, “it was a great opportunity to introduce a number of our products to landlords who may be dealing with a number of rental properties. Our products provide practical insulation solutions using aerogel which is the thinnest and most effective insulation product on the market. We were able to explain how we applied building specific solutions that took into account the age and fabric of the building and we look forward to further engagement with the Landlords Association going forward.”