Thermal Cocooning®. Eliminating Your Insulation Achilles Heel

Eliminate Your Insulation Achilles HeelEnviroform’s Thermal Cocooning® is the installation of a total building insulation layer that has no gaps. If there is a single gap in your insulation, that will be your building’s Achilles Heel.

In Greek Mythology it was prophesied that Achilles would die young. To prevent his death, his mother Thetis took him to the river Styx. There she dipped his body in the river, cocooning his body in the sacred waters to make him immortal. Unfortunately for Achilles his mother held him by the heel and so that part of his body remained vulnerable.

Thermal Cocooning®

With Enviroform Solutions’ Thermal Cocooning® there is no Achilles Heel in your insulation. No part of the building is left to chance, and there are no Cold Bridges. When we install a Thermal Cocooning® solution on any building, we develop a solution that suits the age, condition and the construction material used in the building. These are all essential considerations in a thermal upgrade to your home. If the solution isn’t tailored to your building then that is your insulation Achilles Heel.

After an epic life as a warrior, Achilles died when a poison arrow fired by Paris struck him on his heel. It was the one vulnerable point not part of the protective cocoon. It is a salutary lesson.

Our final solution is based on an initial consultation from which we custom build a design, which not only keeps you warm but also protects the long-term safety of the building and it’s occupants. Many older buildings have to be understood and respected before adding insulation and possibly incurring adverse effects.

We start with a blank canvas and look at the component parts and from the wide array of our innovative solutions, we put forward what is best suited for your home. During this process we are in constant contact with all the stakeholders, guiding them through the decisions they have to make depending on different factors that are important to them, for example budget, breathability, character, space and so on. Once this is completed we present our findings, which often include a number of options, to help the homeowner decide which solutions best fits their requirements.

Why Are We Different?

Why are we different to other insulation manufacturers or insulation distributors? Quite simply we use different types of insulation for certain points but our attention to detail never changes. So if a certain insulation manufacturer does not have a solution to a particular point in a building, then this detail tends to be ignored. The Achilles Heel in their methodology in turn becomes the Achilles Heel in your building, leaving it vulnerable to damp, cold and deterioration due to mould or heat loss.

Over the past number of years we have researched and developed, a range innovative products, that provides us with a suite of solutions, when pieced together, allows us to achieve Thermal Cocooning® on our projects.

For all our customers, and us, it’s about the return on your investment. We all want maximum return when we invest time or money in a project don’t we? At Enviroform Solutions we want to provide you with a long-term safe investment that will continue for the lifetime of your building. Otherwise, like Achilles, all your good work can be undone when the vulnerability is exposed.