Enviroform Reveals ThermoSoc At Self Build Show

Internal Wall Insulation Solutions

Enviroform was one of hundreds of exhibitors at the 2015 Self Build and Improve your home show held in the Balmoral Complex.

At the show we unveiled our new Thermo soc product. It is designed for use when you are installing an internal wall insulation system and you want to improve the efficiency of your home and reduce the loss of heat through sockets.

The immediate reaction to this problem by most people is that they didn’t know it existed. That is typical of many of the inefficiencies in home insulation. It is also true that many of these problems can be rectified quite easily using building specific insulation systems such as those supplied by Enviroform.

Effective Against Heat Loss

Back to our internal insulation problem. Cutting holes in the insulation for plug sockets can cause unnecessary heat loss. Thermo Soc solves this problem, by providing a secure and safe barrier, eliminating heat loss and vapour transfer. The insulation material we use in our solutions is aerogel.

As with other cold bridging problems, this can lead to damp and eventually mould. Eventually it could cost you money. At the show using a simple model, we were able to demonstrate in a simple step by step process, how Thermo soc is installed and how it works in practice.

There was significant interest in Thermo soc socket box as an all in one insulation solution. We spoke to architects, builders and DIY enthusiasts determined to renovate their own home. In most instances people were unaware of this as a problem

We were also able to demonstrate how our Ticam tool cuts out the exact dimensions required to place Thermo soc in the position required.

The show allowed us to demonstrate to hundreds of people the real value of good quality insulation in the home. This investment will save you money and will eliminate the problems caused by damp and mould. We also demonstrated our reveal kit which is ideal for addressing the problem called by damp and mould on window reveals. We offer a straightforward solution using aerogel.

If in doubt, ask the experts. You only insulate once.


Do You Know You Have an Insulation Problem?

Inadequate Insulation is the hidden problem in many homes.

It causes heat loss, higher fuel bills, structural problems and can lower the property’s valuation. And yet many owners are totally unaware that there is a problem. And that there is a solution.

There are thousands of homes and buildings that would benefit from new or  upgraded insulation. Yet the owners are not even aware they have an home insulation problem. But, the symptoms are easy to identify:

  • Do you have high fuel bills?
  • Is your home hard to heat?
  • Have you Evidence of condensation and drafts?
  • Do you have a problem with Mould?

If you have any of the above then you are not alone. Over seven million homes in the UK and Ireland are badly insulated. The owners of many of these properties don’t even realise they have a problem.

For others effective insulation is considered too expensive, too difficult to install or worst of all, it is not needed under current building guidelines. It may have been caused by something in the original construction that now, years later is apparently difficult to fix. Not anymore.

The Future of Home Heating

Liam Brown (centre) of Enviroform with Jimmy Gargan of PureHeat Technologies at the recent Energy Show in Dublin

We have been working with Pure Heat Technologies at Dundalk IT to develop a new wall panel heating/insulation product.

The team at Dundalk IT have integrated a modulated version of their heat panel into a range of Enviroform silicate based drywall insulation boards.

The heating panels can be controlled by standard electrical controls such as Thermostats and PIR sensors. Using Bluetooth 4 LE technology enables you to micro zone a space / workstation without the need to heat the whole room or office – thus conserving  energy, saving on electricity usage, and reducing your overall carbon footprint.

The unique Bluetooth controls permits an individual to set the temperature to his/her own preference, through the use of a smart phone app.

The heat emitting insulated board (PureTherm) delivers a cost effective heating source for buildings, While providing clean line aesthetics. This will appeal to both the residential and commercial building sectors.

Pureheat Technologies have designed and manufactured the electrically operated infrared/convection heat panels that have many benefits over conventional heating systems. It offers very low running costs. A 300 Watt Panel will heat an Area of 5 square metres, at a cost of 5 cent per hour.

  • Lower power consumption.
  • 98% Energy efficiency –  For Every kilowatt of power  consumed, 98% is given back in the form of heat.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • No CO2 emissions.
  • Micro-Zone Heating – Only heat the areas you want to – Great for open plan offices.
  • Reduces condensation and prevents mould growth.
  • No Moving parts – Inaudible and practically maintenance free.
  • Can be easily retrofitted.
  • The panels can be branded with images for marketing and promotional purposes.

Pureheat Infrared heat panels have been independently tested and evaluated by Dundalk Institute of Technology.