Do You Know You Have an Insulation Problem?

Inadequate Insulation is the hidden problem in many homes.

It causes heat loss, higher fuel bills, structural problems and can lower the property’s valuation. And yet many owners are totally unaware that there is a problem. And that there is a solution.

There are thousands of homes and buildings that would benefit from new or  upgraded insulation. Yet the owners are not even aware they have an home insulation problem. But, the symptoms are easy to identify:

  • Do you have high fuel bills?
  • Is your home hard to heat?
  • Have you Evidence of condensation and drafts?
  • Do you have a problem with Mould?

If you have any of the above then you are not alone. Over seven million homes in the UK and Ireland are badly insulated. The owners of many of these properties don’t even realise they have a problem.

For others effective insulation is considered too expensive, too difficult to install or worst of all, it is not needed under current building guidelines. It may have been caused by something in the original construction that now, years later is apparently difficult to fix. Not anymore.