Trademark for ThermoPro Cold Bridging Solution

A Unique Cold Bridging Product

Enviroform have been granted a trademark for “Thermo-Pro”, our range of unique cold bridging product to address the cold bridging areas which arise when installing EWI onto existing homes. In addition we have been granted a European Patent on their soil pipe and fascia product included within this range.

Bonfield Review

Given the recent Bonfield Review announced into the quality of EWI installations and in particular detailing at critical junctions, Enviroform are now in a position to support the supply chain with a range of cost effective and technically proven products.

The 5 key areas that must be considered before installing EWI but are widely overlooked due to a number of reasons are:

Insulation for Reveals and Sills

1 – Reveals / Sills – the depth of insulation on window reveals is highly restricted by the opening fan lights, so this is an area which is rarely addressed because the standard product, 20mm EPS is just too thick to accommodate this and the area is ignored. However Thermo-Bead at 5 & 10mm thick will work in almost most situations and allow this area to be addressed. A 10mm aerogel strip can also be placed underneath the new sill between the frame and the EWI system to address the cold bridge in this area.

Soil Pipe Insulation

2 – Soil Pipes – the best practice here is to remove and realign with new pipes but if this is not an option then Thermo-Pro Soil Pipe can be used and there is no need to remove the soil pipe especially in the case of cast iron. This system also can be used for gate posts allowing the original gate to be reinstated and no encroachment on space for access.

The Problem with Fascias

3 – Fascia – where no soffit exists then this 100-150mm gap is ignored and the system stops short creating a cold area which directly co-insides with the warmest part of the wall on the inside as heat rises.. Thermo-Pro Fascia is Ultra –thin, easy to install and new standard uPVC or aluminum guttering can be re-instated.

Lead Flashing Insulation

4 – Lead Flashing – EWI systems cannot be fixed trough existing flashing around bay windows or where one story is connected to two stories. This leaves a 150mm cold area at this junction, which can be addressed using Thermo-Flash. Thermo-Flash insulates and refreshes the appearance of the old flashing to match your new render finish.

Below DPM Insulation

5 – Below DPM – most EWI projects do not install any insulation below DPM level in current projects probably due to the difficulty and cost in addressing this area. Thermo-Trac provides an easy to install, pre-finished and thermally effective insulated profile to overcome all of the problems that system installers encounter.