Mould on Walls and Cold Bridges

Cold Bridges Explained

Cold bridges are a common problem in many buildings, causing damp and mould. But, the good news is that they can be treated effectively.

Why Have I Got Mould on the Walls?

Nothing worse than builders talking building language you can’t understand. When you’re thinking about insulating your home, or if a damp spot or patch of mould appears on your wall, you might hear the builder talk about a cold bridge. In fact if you develop a damp patch or mould you want to hear him talking about a cold bridge because it means he knows that he’s talking about!

So What is a Cold Bridge?

Very simply a cold bridge [or thermal bridge] is a gap or weakness in a building’s insulation. Typically it is found:

o   In reveals around doors and windows

o   Where cables and pipes penetrate walls

o   At junctions of walls, floors and roofs

Why is a Cold Bridge a Problem?

The answer to this is straightforward. If you have cold bridges in your property you are losing heat; you are wasting money on heating and your insulation is not effective. You wouldn’t pour a percentage of your heating oil down the drain but that’s in effect what you are doing if your insulation isn’t doing its job. Before you know it, you have mould appearing on your walls. It looks bad but it is treatable.

What are the effects of a Cold Bridge?

Many people spend money on thick insulation and the benefit is lost because of cold bridges that are not treated properly. Effects of a cold bridge are:

o   Your building is much harder to heat

o   Indoor surfaces are at lower winter temperatures

o   An increased risk of surface condensation

o   Risk of damages to building units, leading to vacancies and rehousing costs

o   Danger of mildew and mould, causing serious health threats, potential litigation

o   Complaints, withheld payments, reputation damage

How Can Enviroform Solutions Help?

We provide unique flexible solutions that are specific to your building. We have specific products to address any of the cold bridging problems that you might encounter.   We are able to future proof the fabric of the building by treating all cold bridges irrespective of:

o  where they are;

o  what the cause is,

o  how old the building is or

o  how complex the problem.

To find out more about our Building Specific Solutions get in touch. We’re smart about building insulation that suits your needs.